Exhibition: „Café Eckstein“ (Frankfurt) and „Cafe Museum“ (Vienna)

Unpredictable as feelings too, followed the exhibition „behind the stage“ a single goal: Inspiration. Passion. Fantasy. Life, for the first view applies only to the surface. In fact, playing the real life behind the scenes.
Guide through the exhibition: daydreams, night dreams, as clouds … hover and fly at great speed … sly and sensual laugh … at the same time, dreaming of a unit and an egg … for a destination … Where are the people that I love, far away … have the path of love has passed … between the mountains … somewhere where opens the deep and wide sea, very slowly and gently … then it gets exciting … quiet words to me whisper, soon I will be secure in your heart … and swing the grass and listen to laugh, the dark clouds will be doomed … until eternity away and forget, no curves and formulas … no fight and cling to baby’s cheek softly … cry with joy … see the sparkle in the eyes of my favorite … will keep you firmly until eternity.