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 Paintings – Artist statement

sueFigures, facts, reputatations, names und origins are not of any importance. I do paint colors, with passion, light and love and this is the point. I find the quality of the abstract in a droplet of water or in each breath of air. My colors, textures and forms are not just metaphors of a real world, they are real world. A world in which non-materiality and materiality, mind and body co-exist. I do not paint prepared ideas, I paint for the reason of the intention of my incapacity – or with better words for the reason of my yearning for pure life.

Colors – floating, moving, melting, pausing, drying, crying, devouring each other – changing their form, meaning and appearance constantly – it is a moment, a thousand part of eternity – and everything can be different. Such as life itself, what is real world, what is imagination, no one can tell. But you are always aware of the dynamic process of the life itself, in its magnitude of variations and possibilities. It is the freedom of life, light and colors. It is the floating element which allows us to change immediately – whether by coincidence or destination – whatever – i believe in miracles which allow my paintings  to twinkle and smile a big smile to their visitors and owners.

My abstract paintings are mirrors in which everyone sees what he/she wants to see…


„I am not part of the art game“, Grün Raum (Vienna, Austria), 2012
„Crying out“ , Art Depot (Vienna, Austria) 2009
„Facelift”, Art Depot (Vienna, Austria), 2008
„creative fusion”: Unilog (Vienna, Austria), 2005
„traces of life“: Tee und Sushi (Vienna, Austria),2004, Tiempo (Vienna, Austria),2005
„2 worlds apart“: Der Wirt (Vienna, Austria),2003, Steirische Botschaft (Vienna, Austria),2004
„Sue behind the curtain“: Café Eckstein (Frankfurt, Germany),1999 and  Café Museum (Vienna, Austria),2000

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Photography – Artist statement

suephotoAfter many years of exhibition activity of my painted abstract pictures I missed the possibility to capture my emotions and feelings  in a realistic surrounding. Various methods of digital image editing are enabling me to transform a very deep soul in my work. In collaboration with different artists I acquired experience in different genres and present my works of art in various exhibitions. Photographing is not just the photographic results, but the whole way with the stories that are experienced to show my feelings – it is for me a way of learning to „see“. By the means of photography i am able to give my passionate themes concerning SKIES, NATURE and SHADOWS my inner life and soul.



„Facelift”, Art Depot (Vienna, Austria), 2010
„Mehr Moos“, Alpenmilchzentrale (Vienna, Austria), 2008
„Mystic trees of Samothraki”, Kafeneon (Samothraki, Greece), 2007
„Color me beautiful“, Night of Art (Pernitz, Austria) , 2006
„Imagenes del mundo“ (San Sebastian, Spain), 1993

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